DNF Contact Information


DNF Controls - Headquarters

Phone:  (818) 898-3380

Fax:     (818) 898-3360


Order Processing and

International Sales

Linda Rico

E-mail: lrico@dnfcontrols.com


Director of Sales

Fred E. Scott, Jr.

E-mail: fscott@dnfcontrols.com

DNF Controls - East Coast Office

Phone:  (516) 922-4DNF


DNF Controls User Forum

The DNF Forum is now online and open for your participation.  This forum is the ideal place for you to connect with other DNF users to ask questions, get answers, share ideas and provide solutions on all things DNF.  We're ready for your input, so click here, sign up and join the conversation today!



Come see DNF Controls at the Industrial Video Expo 

October 16, 2012 (Columbus, OH)


Come see DNF Controls at the AVI Systems Technology Showcase 

October 17-18, 2012 (Chicago, IL)


"New Product News"


Enhance the operation of the USP-8, USP-S24 and USP-S48 with the "Panel Key Mapper"

FLEX CONTROL NETWORK  - the flexible control solution for Broadcast and Production

Missing Link

AIB - AnyWhere Interface Box provides missing link for Control, Monitoring, and Interfacing

PRODUCTOS: AIB - AnyWhere Interface Box de DNF Controls


DNF Controls offers you a large variety of products to meet your varied broadcasting needs.  Click below on your area of interest to access further information on the different products offered.  Each link includes a product selection guide to help you determine which of our products best meets your needs. 

 Overview - DNF Solutions

 Tally Manager

 VTR Control

 Clip Control

 Playlist Control

 Sports Control

 Ethernet Machine Control  


Please feel free to contact our Sales Department who will be glad to assist you in further determining which of our products is exactly right for you.