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<div align="center"><font size="5"><strong>REMOTE CAMERA TALLIES</strong></font><br /></div> <div align="center"><font size="4">Field Proven Over &amp; Over Again</font></div>  <br /><br />  <div align="center"><font size="5"><a href="products/admin/overviews/GTP-32%20How%20To_Remote_Camera%20Tallies.pdf">Remote Camera Tallies</a> <br /><br /><br />  <a href="products/admin/overviews/GTP-32%20How%20To_Camera%20Tallies.pdf">Local Camera Tallies</a></font>  </div> <p align="center"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif"><strong><font size="5">Flex Control Network&reg;</font></strong></font></p><p align="center"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif"><strong><font size="3">Problem Solved.</font></strong></font></p><p align="center"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">Flex Control Network&reg;</font><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">  provides a complete control and connectivity infrastructure that offers  infinite possibilities for controlling, monitoring, and managing  networked devices over LAN, WAN, and the Internet.</font></p><div align="center"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">Flex Control Network</font><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">&reg;</font><font size="2"> <font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif">is designed and configured for your specific needs and is backed by the leader in control solutions.</font></font></div> <div align="center"><font size="5"><strong>How To Delay Network Triggers</strong></font><br /></div>  <br /><br />  <div align="center"><font size="5"><a href="products/admin/manuals/GTP-32%20How%20To%20Delay%20Network%20Triggers.pdf">Delay Network Triggers</a> </font>  </div> <div align="center"><strong><font size="5"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif">AnyWhere Interface Box</font></font></strong></div><div align="center">&nbsp;</div><div align="center"><strong><font size="3"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif">Control Super Glue</font></font></strong> <br /></div><div align="center">&nbsp;</div><div align="justify"><div align="center"><font size="2"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif">The <em>Missing Link</em> for Control - Monitoring - Interfacing.&nbsp; Quickly and easily create control, monitoring, and interface solutions specifically for your project.&nbsp; No software or scripting required.&nbsp; Using a web browser, simply select from drop down menus and fill in text boxes.&nbsp; One box solution - no external adapters required - no kludges.</font></font></div> </div><div align="justify"><font size="2">&nbsp;</font></div><div align="justify"><font size="2">&nbsp;</font></div> <p align="center"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="5"><strong>DMAT Sports Controller</strong></font></p><div align="center"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3"><strong>Don&rsquo;t Miss A Thing!</strong></font><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif"><br /></font></div><p align="center"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">Designed for the chaotic and fast-paced environment of sports broadcasting, the DMAT family of Sports Controllers lets you stay in control of slow-motion instant replays, and highlights playout to create exciting visuals.</font></p><p align="center"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">Coupled with the simultaneous record and playback capabilities of your DDR or video server, DMAT gives you the power to quickly access just-recorded or archived events while continuing to record and respond to on-field action.</font></p> <div align="center"><font size="5"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif"><strong>Christie Spyder Shotbox<br /></strong></font></font></div><p><span class="style3"><span class="style5"><font size="2">The  Christie Spyder Shotbox, USP3-SBX-VSS, provides  tactile, fast, easy,  and dependable control over Spyder to recall  Command Keys at the press  of a button.</font></span></span></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><font size="5"><a href="products/admin/overviews/Christie%20Spyder%20Shotbox%20Product%20Sheet_072815.pdf">Spyder Shotbox</a></font> </p>
Field Proven Over & Over Again

Spyder Shotbox
Remote Camera Tallies
Flex Control Network®
Delay Network Triggers
AnyWhere Interface Box
News Headlines and Highlights
• GPIO Routing, Control, & Distribution: GPIO Monitoring, GPIO Control, GPIO Routing and GPIO Distribution are easy with the right tools.  DNF Controls offers a range of products that will fit your budget and requirements.
• Christie Spyder Shotbox: The Christie Spyder Shotbox, USP3-SBX-VSS, provides tactile, fast, easy, and dependable control over Spyder to recall Command Keys at the press of a button.
• Demand More From Your Production Switcher !:

And Get It, With the GTP-32 Control Processor

Whether GPI/O, Serial RS422/RS232, Ethernet TCP / UDP / HTTP / SNMP .....

Take Control of YOUR Devices

• Do More With Your Image Video System with the GTP-32:
  • The GTP-32 looks and acts like a multi-viewer.
  • Image Video transmits UMD text and on-air tallies to the GTP-32 multi-viewer using standard TSL control protocol.
  • The GTP-32 receives the UMD text and tally commands from Image Video and converts each tally into a native event that can be used to trigger local actions OR, used by a remote GTP-32 to trigger actions-- GPOs, serial/Ethernet commands, control switchers /routers / graphics / video playout ...
• SPS-4200 Playlist Playout System:

A Powerful Cost-Effective Automation System

Use your tablet or PC to build your entire day's or week's presentation, then transfer to the "Playout System."

Flip from video content to graphics and then select another router feed and roll a remote server or DDR and back to graphics.

• "Live" Bug Control System for On-Air Branding:

Automatically Show/Hide Live Bug, Logo, & Branding.

Manually Override with button push, PBUS Trigger, GPI, etc.

Assign Live Bug to specific sources Quickly & Easily change during show.

Supports all major production switchers and Logo/Bug Inserters.

• IBC Innovation Award Shortlist:

Turner Sports' NBA League Pass has made the IBC Innovation Award shortlist for projects nominated for the most innovative use of technology in content delivery.

Turner, working with Adobe, Akamai, DNF Controls, Elemental, FreeWheel Media and Harmonic, now has a platform that can deliver every game over broadband to any subscriber.

"The IBC Innovation Awards are very highly regarded because they are unique. They honour not just new developments but the way they are used to solve a real world puzzle. They have to help a broadcaster or media company be more creative, more efficient or reach its audience better.

To win an IBC Innovation Award a project has to show real collaboration between the broadcaster and its technology partners. What makes a successful entry is something that solves a real creative, technical or commercial issue with style and flair – and of course innovation."


• DNF Controls Has Moved!:

As of December 16, 2013, DNF Controls is now located at 19770 Bahama Street, Northridge, CA  91324.

Our telephone number remains 818-898-3380.  Our fax number remains 818-898-3360.

This move increases our office and warehouse space.

• Keeping Operations Happy and Humming:

One of the tools to help you accomplish your task is the GTP-32 Control Processor.   Like the legendary Swiss Army knife, the GTP-32 offers a large number of dependable tools for getting the job done.  Select the GPI routing tool to share camera tallies between control rooms.  Select the Time Events tool to trigger a video switch at specific times of the day.  Select the SCTE tool to command downstream video splicers.  Click here to learn more

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