Product List / 2044CL


  • Controls up to 8 video channels individually or ganged.
  • Read the name of the video clip directly on the Shotbox key.
  • Press one key to load a single video clip, or a FILL & KEY clip combination.
  • Quickly and easily assign and re-assign clips to a Shotbox key.
  • Instantly access 300 single clips or clip combinations at the press of a button.
  • Full transport capability.
  • Supports non-destructive trims.
  • Loop clips.
  • Capture feature allows ingest of clips from source VTR into video server.
  • Consists of the ST400-SSM, the ST420 Shotbox and Clip software.


  • The 2044CL system includes the ST400 controller, the ST420 Shotbox and specialized Cliplist software to allow instant access to 300 clips or clip combinations.  The ST400 and ST420 share a common, non-volatile Cue Point memory in the ST400.
  • The ST400 controls up to 8 video channels, individually or ganged.  Learn fill clip/key clip combinations onto a Shotkey on the Shotbox for instant, 1-button playout.
  • The ST400 features full transport functionality including play, stop, record, fast forward, rewind, jog/shuttle, vari speed.
  • 10 banks of 30 switches on the Shotbox provide instant access to 300 clips or multi-clip combinations.
  • Electronically reprogrammable keys on the Shotbox display assigned clip names.
  •  Press LEARN on the Shotbox to learn the CLIP ID and current time code of each clip on up to 8 video channels and the current GANG mode into the selected Shotkey on the Shotbox.
  • Press any Shotkey on the Shotbox to instantly recall the learned CLIP ID and cue to the learned time on up to 8 video channels and recall the learned GANG mode.
  • The Capture feature allows clips to be ingested directly from a source VTR into a video server.
  • Clips can be nondestructively trimmed by selecting new in/out points and assigning to a Shotbox key.  Clips in the video server are not effected.
  • Clips can be set to loop continuously.
  • Available protocols: Odetics (Specify 2044CL-O). VDCP (Specify 2044CL-L)