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Product Description

In today’s competitive broadcast and production environments, where time is money, the last thing you want is for your equipment – VTRs, video servers, A/V routers, still stores, or editors – and operators to be sitting idle due to RS422 or RS232 interface problems.

Key Features

  • Easy, simple and reliable to use for both experts and non-experts alike.
  • Compact, hand-held device with an easy-to-read four-line x 40-character display, an eight-key keyboard, and separate RS422/RS232 connectors.
  • Simple and intuitive for the technical and non-technical alike.
  • Anyone can perform testing in seconds that once took 30 minutes and required specialized knowledge.
  • Switch-selectable beween RS422 or RS232 for chasing down RS422 to RS232 adapter problems.
  • Quickly identify cable wiring errors at the press of a button:
    Swap transmit and receive lines (RS422/RS232)
    Reverse transmitter output polarity (RS422)
    Reverse receiver input polarity (RS422)
  • Confirm without a doubt that two cable ends are connected to the same cable.
  • AC-powered with optional external battery pack.
  • Easily and quickly check system baud rate and parity settings.
  • Four-line x 40-character liquid crystal display.
  • Eight-key keyboard with a rotary knob.

The Analyst RS422/RS232 Tester is ideal to use in remote production setup, new studio builds or facility upgrades, or in maintaining existing facilities and systems.