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Flex Control Network® (includes GTP-30, GTP-31, GTP-32 and CP30)

Product Description

Flex Control Network®
Real Time – Reliable – Dependable – Precise – Modular Ethernet machine control designed for the demands of television broadcast, live production, and event production.

Flexible Control System – For Growth and Change

Add and change devices, device control protocols, and control points whenever and wherever you want without disrupting your workflow.

Flexibility in Dealing with Multiple Protocols

Flex’s common control interface masks device protocol differences, letting you take control no matter what the protocol, device, or manufacturer’s brand.

Flexible Control – When and Where You Need It

Flex is your alternative to running more multiconductor cables through already crowded cable troughs, filled computer floors, or packed ceilings.

Control at Your Fingertips – From Across the Room to Around the World

Flex connects operators to equipment – VTRs, video servers, routers, etc – over an Ethernet, LAN, WAN, or VPN connection providing real-time, precise, and reliable control.

Flex Control Components:

Device Controller – responsible for interfacing to and directly controlling equipment over a GPI, RS232, RS422, or Ethernet control interface.  It is responsible for supporting the many and incompatible control protocols found in a facility.

Control Panel – provides a familiar, tactile user interface that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and provides fast, reliable, and precise control.