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SCTE Control

Powerful SCTE Control Made Easy

Product Description


Generation ─ Switching ─ Distribution

  • NO reconfiguration of SCTE Inserter/Encoder required
  • Manual Override for Live or Unexpected Events
  • Send SCTE Break Start / Stop Commands
  • Safely Switch Between Primary & Backup Automation, or Manual Control
  • Mix Serial & Ethernet Automation Systems, Inserters and Encoders
  • Easily Create and Edit Multi-Operational SCTE Messages
  • Time Descriptor (PTP) supported
  • Safely distribute automation system generated SCTE commands across multiple signal chains and streams
  • Quickly switch between primary automation, backup automation, and manual operation
  • Easily route SCTE commands from automation or operator control to a specific inserter / encoder
  • Change routes at the press of a button, GPI, time-of-day event, or alarm


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