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DNF’s GTP-32 Control Processor “speaks” Morpheus

Product Description

  • Sends triggers to Morpheus to roll breaks and more…
  • Receives triggers from Morpheus to control just about anything!
  • Gives Operators Override Control When Needed
  • Ethernet makes interconnecting GTP-32 with Morpheus really simple

The GTP-32 Control Processor makes it simple and cost-effective to expand the capabilities of Morpheus automation.  Send triggers to Morpheus to execute pre-defined actions.  Receive triggers from Morpheus to control devices connected to the GTP-32.

Safely and easily give operators manual control over automation actions without accessing the actual automation client.  Provide manual override for late-breaking events.  Also, use triggers from Morpheus to enable / disable manual control.

Cut playlist complexity by mapping standard triggers from Morpheus to different GTP-32 actions and devices.
Use automation triggers to drive text-to-voice adapters, countdown-to-air & countdown-to-break time displays, In-Break or In-Program tallies, and other useful tallies.

Easy Setup.   Use a standard web browser for mapping GTP-32 events to pre-defined Morpheus OR map Morpheus triggers to drive GTP actions. Simply choose options from the drop-down menus and complete the text boxes to configure.  Create multiple configurations for special events, weekend staff, or temporary needs.