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Product Description

 SNMP TRAP Processing Made Easier

  • Monitor any Object Name & Object Value in TRAP message
  • Match Full or Partial Object Name (OID)
  • Match Full or Partial Object Value (OID Value


  • Upon Receipt of TRAP:
    Turn a GPO ON / OFF
    Transmit Serial or IP Alert Message
    Trigger a Sequence of Alert Actions


  • Web-browser based Configuration Tool:
    Easy to Enter Monitored OID and OID Value
    Assign Single or Multiple Alert Actions
    No Scripting Required


  • SNMP TRAPS Supported on:
    USP3 Universal Switch Panel
    AIB-2 AnyWhere Interface Box
    AIB-3 AnyWhere Interface Box
    GTP-32 Control Processor
    IP Control Buddy EB-44 Button Panel
    IP Control Buddy EG-4 Interface
Product Information