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Product Description


Introducing the Model SW2X1-GPI, card for the DNF Controls – Model SW2X1 Electronic A/B Switch.

  • Now you can easily Switch both GPIs and RS422 singals using the Industry standard – DNF Model SW2X1 Electronic A/B Switch!
  • You can use the new SW2X1-GPI card to switch between A and B groups of 4 GPI Inputs to 4 GPI Outputs.
  • The SW2X1-GPI card has Opto-isolated GPI Inputs for isolation between the Inputs and utilized Relay Contact Closure outputs, which enables the complete isolation of each of the Outputs.
  • You can easily switch between WET or DRY jumper selectrions for the GPI Inputs.  Chose “DRY” for Input isolation or choose “WET” to use internal power supply and provide only an external switch to “Common.”
  • You can also Mix GPI and RS422 cards in the same SW2X1 housing.
  • In the event of a power failure, the “A” Inputs are automatically switched to the Output, which provides a “default” position to maintain complete control of default devices.
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