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Tally Manager Tally Control System

Best-In-Class Tally Control System

Product Description

Best-in-Class Tally Control:

  • Easy to setup & configure.  5 Control Rooms in 4 days. On-air on 5th day.
  • Quickly & safely change tally configuration for client’s new requirements.  No more waiting.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics & logging to identify and resolve operator, configuration, and device issues
  • Extend On-Air Tallies where needed, around a facility, geographic region,  or the world
  • Share tallies between rooms, buildings, and facilities
  • Integrate device monitoring & control, local and remote
  • Easily interfaces to existing tally system to expand and extend reach and capabilities
  • Modular, scalable, distributed control architecture maximizes performance and minimizes system down time & single point of failure
  • Supervisory “Overview” screen for total tally management

 Outdated tally control

 Tally Control Now


Span Rooms & Facilities

Span facilities diagram

Tally Manager works with existing tally system diagram

conditional camera tallies


Simple to Setup and Maintain

Use your favorite web browser -Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.- to configure and re-configure. Click on a configuration web page, select from a drop-down menu, fill in a text box. Read source names from the facility router or manually enter them.  It’s that easy.

All configuration data is stored in the Tally Manager device controller.  Copy configurations to and restore configuration files from a computer. Configuration and system actions are logged for later review in text-based event logs.  Simple remote access to log files provides quick and easy diagnostic data to identify and resolve system and operational issues


Quickly Navigate Tally System

Tally Manager makes it fast and easy to navigate through your tally system to check configuration, make changes, and troubleshoot. Using a web browser, click on the OVERVIEW link, found at the top of every web page.