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USP3 Universal Switch Panel

NEW! The Next Generation of Universal Switch Panels

Product Description

New USP3 Universal Switch Panel

Replaces original USP!

Another Go-To Solution that Saves Time, Budget and Gets the Job Done


The new USP3 features:

  • Fast Ethernet,  100baseT full-duplex
  • RS232/RS422 serial port
  • 8 or 16 LCD Keys
  • 16- GPI inputs/outputs
  • Ability to manage the simplest to the most sophisticated control applications
  • Generate & Monitor ASCII / Hex Command data
  • SNMP Transmit & Receive


Give operators the control they need over the machines they depend upon

  • Simplifies complex user interfaces
  • Monitors & Controls multiple devices from a single panel
  • Limits control and tallies to what operators need
  • Button press controls GPI Output(GPO) On/Off, and transmits serial & Ethernet messages
  • Receive a Serial & Ethernet Command to turn a GPI On or Off


Use the USP3 to control FOR-A’s Color Corrector Control Panel, FA-10DCCRU.


The GO-TO Problem Solver
The Universal Switch Panel makes it easy to create just the right control interface and gives users control over only those functions they need to simplify operations and reduce errors. Show users only the device or system information, status and tallies they need in order to react quickly and accurately to any situation.


Use the USP3 to extend the life of legacy equipment, integrate new & legacy during transition, and provide new equipment with a known, familiar, user friendly interface. The USP3 supports GPI and push button control of GPI Outputs, serial RS232 & RS422 messages, and Ethernet TCP / UDP / SNMP / HTTP messaging.


Easy Setup
Using a standard web browser to assign functions to keys, enter key text, and select key colors, simply complete the text boxes and choose options from the drop-down menu to configure. Save USP3 configuration to your PC. Create multiple configurations for special events, weekend staffing, and temporary needs. Copy saved configurations from / to other panels.



USP3-16 16 LCD Keys, 1-RU rackmount housing
USP3-8 8 LCD Keys, 1-RU rackmount housing
USP3-8D 8 LCD Keys, Desktop housing
USP3-Shotbox 30 LCD Keys, Desktop housing