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USP3-S24 / USP3-S48 / USP3-S48R

Product Description

The USP-S24 and USP-S48 panels provide extreme flexibility to the user. These panels have SNMP-Ethernet-Serial control capability. The multi-function push buttons can be programmed for Tally and Command functionality. Each panel can Control and Tally multiple devices and are perfect for Production Studios and Control Room integration.

Configuration of these panels is via a standard Web Browser thus allowing you to create the perfect panel for your unique application. Drop-down menus and fill-in text boxes are used to assign Command and Tallies to each push button.

These compact, desktop panesl provide tactile switches with relegendable Keycaps. The push buttons provide Tally in Green/Amber/Red indicators. Power to these panels is supplied via an external power supply or Power Over Ethernet (POE).

For Reliability, Flexibility, Assignibility and Desirability, the USP-S24 and USP-S48 is your SOLUTION!

Product Information