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DNF Controls and TSL – One Year On

DNF Controls became a valued component of TSL Products in April 2019. The two companies had a single vision: to provide customers with a comprehensive control eco-system that spans single-user, standalone control solutions to enterprise-wide, multi-user control infrastructure. TSL and …

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Now Part of TSL

TSL Products announces the acquisition of DNF Controls. The joining together of these two companies provides opportunity to expand presence in the broadcast control systems market worldwide, and to offer audio and power solutions locally to the Americas.   Read More

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Tally Manager
Tally Control System

Best-in-Class Tally Control System: Easy to setup & configure.  5 Control Rooms in 4 days. On-air on 5th day. Quickly & safely change tally configuration for client’s new requirements.  No more waiting. Comprehensive diagnostics & logging to identify and resolve …

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IP Control Buddy

Controls any Ethernet, RS422, or RS232 enabled device From a button push, GPI trigger, relay closure, web page button

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