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AIB-2 AnyWhere Interface Box

When you need to Interface It – Monitor It – Control It

Product Description

When you need to
Interface It – Monitor It – Control It…
The AnyWhere Interface Box !

Another Go-To Solution that Saves Time, Budget and Gets the Job Done

NEW!  SNMP Trap support added


The new AIB-2 features:

  • Fast Ethernet,  100baseT full-duplex
  • RS232/RS422 serial port
  • 8- GPI Inputs/Outputs
  • 8- Home Page Tally Buttons
  • Ability to manage the simplest to the most sophisticated control applications
  • Generate & Monitor ASCII / Hex Command data
  • SNMP Messaging Transmit & Receive
  • Monitor SNMP Traps


Use the AIB-2 when you need to:

  • Turn on a GPI to send a Serial or Ethernet message / command.  Turn off the GPI to send another.
  • Fire a GPI to send a TCP, UDP, SNMP, or HTTP message that gets the job done
  • Receive Serial or Ethernet data to turn on/off a GPI Output
  • Receive specific Serial data and then transmit an Ethernet or SNMP notification
  • Receive Ethernet data and generate a replacement Serial command
  • Trigger a simple or complex sequence of actions from a GPI
  • Periodically send a heartbeat message:  “I’m alive!”
  • Use a Watchdog timer to transmit an SNMP notification after a time period of no heartbeats
  • Monitor SNMP Traps and turn on a GPI Output (GPO)


The AIB-2 makes it easy to build the solution that gets the job done. Whether its remoting control, interfacing old & new, or simplifying device monitoring, for projects large and small, extending the life of legacy equipment, integrating new & legacy during transition, the AIB provides the right tools.


Easy Setup

Use a standard web browser to configure the AIB-2.   Simply complete the text boxes and choose options from the drop-down menus.  Save AIB-2 configuration to your PC.  Create multiple configurations for special events, weekend staffing, and temporary needs.  Copy saved configurations from / to other AIBs.