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GTP-32 Control Processor

Helps you solve equipment interface, control and monitoring problems, quickly and easily

Product Description

The GTP-32 Control Processor

  • Is unlike anything on the market
  • Offers simple, cost-effective, and easily accessible solutions
  • Controls and monitors equipment in the same room, on another floor, in another building, across town, and around the world
  • Supports GPI/O, Serial, Ethernet, LAN, WAN, VPN, Internet, TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, SCTE, and more

The GTP-32 Control Processor

  • Works with a wide range of broadcast and production equipment
  • VTRs, DDRs, video servers, graphics systems, logo inserters, video routers, video switches, production switchers, master control switchers, multi-viewers, camera tallies, on-air tallies, audio devices, camera pedestals, and more…
  • Supports an extensive list of equipment control protocols

The GTP-32 Control Processor

  • Is a “control infrastructure” that is expandable and adaptable
  • Can be easily configured and re-configured as equipment and the needs of the facility change
  • No programming or scripting required.

A Problem Solver For:

  • Time triggered events
  • Time delayed events
  • Monitor Wall text and tally control
  • On-Air tallies
  • EAS crawls and audio-overs
  • VTR / DDR / Video Server play out control and monitoring
  • GPI routing
  • Router control and monitoring
  • Graphics control
  • SCTE command generation
  • SCTE A/B Switch
  • SNMP message generation
  • Camera tally control, local and remote
  • Video A/B Switch control and monitoring, local and remote
  • Shared control between control positions and control facilities